A New Standard: Breaking Down the Record-Breaking Elo

King Edward has done it again.

The Gothenburg Horse Show is a special event for the home riders. Last week’s edition gave Swedish rider Henrik von Eckermann an extra boost. His Olympic and World Championship partner King Edward has set a new standard in the sport of showjumping. 

A New Record Elo Rating

What we suspected and also secretly hoped has been achieved. After a thrilling World Cup round and jump-off, Henrik von Eckermann & his World Champion King Edward finished second on home soil in Gothenburg. With this fantastic performance, King Edward has reached an Elo rating of 810, surpassing his own previous record of 809.

The Journey to 810

It wasn't an overnight success. This graphic traces King Edward's performance over the past year, showcasing the ups and downs that led to the record-breaking moment. From a strong start at 795 after the Gothenburg World Cup class in 2023 exactly a year ago, breaking the 800 barrier in Omaha, to breaking Explosion W & Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z’s record of 804 in Stockholm, every step has been a testament to King Edward's consistency and skill.

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Highs and Lows

Every athlete experiences peaks and valleys, and King Edward is no exception. Despite a dip back to an Elo rating of 800 at St Tropez LGCT, his resilience shone through. The graphic depicts these fluctuations but underscores the overall upward trajectory.

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