Discover the Jumping Stars of the First Quarter of 2024

Thanks to Achieve Equine, discover the horses that started the 2024 season on the highest ratings, the strongest form and made the biggest improvements.

By Charlotte Smet /

April 12, 2024

The first three months of the year gave us some incredible moments. In the newest show on the EquiRatings Jumping Podcast, presented by Achieve Equine, Sam Watson, Diarm Byrne and Charlotte Smet discuss their favourite moments, the highest-rated horses, the biggest improvers and the horses that have shown the strongest five-star 160 form.




When we look at the Top 20 Elo-rated horses, we turned our attention to those that have produced at least one clear round at five-star 160 level in 2024.

King Edward still sits comfortably at the top on his throne on a record-breaking ever of 810.

A strong start of the year for Martin Fuchs' Leone Jei who makes his entrance in the Top 10 for the first time in his career. An incredible start of the season which is promising in an Olympic year. 

The French speed-demon, Julien Epaillard, has two horses in the Top 10. Between Dubai du Cedre and Donatello d'Auge, who would make the cut to represent France at their home Olympics?

Daniel Coyle's Legacy has been on stellar form over the past couple of months which, if continued, could threaten James Kann Cruz's position as highest-rated Irish horse.

B F6 Yz the Top 20 Elo Rated Horses With at Least 1 Clear Round at Five Star 160 Level in 2024



A new year means new heights to be reached.

Callie Schott's Garant is the biggest Elo climber of the first quarter of 2024 within the Top 100. A pair that has represented Team USA in the inaugural Longines League of Nations and that produced a stellar Grand Prix performance in Ocala.

While his top-rated mount takes it slow, Harrie Smolder's Uricas vd Kattevennen had time to prove his worth in the spotlight. And prove it, he did. A podium finish in the Rolex Grand Prix of 's Hertogenbosch, followed by a double clear in the LLN of Ocala have helped Uricas climb up the ratings.

One of the most promising young horses in the sport currently comes once more from the tutelage of Shane Sweetnam. The 10-year-old RR Combella has already collected two Top 5 spots in prestigious Grand Prixs throughout the first quarter.

08 Uev the Biggest Elo Climbers of 2024 Within the Top 100 Elo Rated Horses in the World (1)



Two horses have started the year on a perfect run.

Daniel Coyle's Legacy produced back-to-back World Cup wins and has yet to touch a rail at five-star 160 level in 2024. 

The same goes for Martin Fuchs' Leone Jei, who we already mentioned as a newcomer in the Top 10 Elo-rated horses.

As Olympic years go, there is no better start than this.

C3 S1v the Top in Form Horses at Five Star 160 Level in 2024 as Measured by the Cas Metric


Sam, Diarm & Charlotte discuss these stats at length and give their own thoughts and findings on these tables in the newest show on the EquiRatings Jumping Podcast. The Overview Show is brought to you by Achieve Equine.

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