Heading into 2024 on a High: The Top 10 Elo-rated Horses

King Edward maintains the dominance, but who comes next?

By Charlotte Smet /

January 23, 2024

A total of six different nations are represented in the current Top 10 Elo-rated horses, Sweden being the best represented with four horses. Meet the best horses of the moment.

D9x X9 the Current Top 10 Elo Rated Horses

At the zenith is the spectacular King Edward, who has consistently proven his mettle. With a record-breaking Elo rating, King Edward is not just a winner but a trendsetter in the sport.

Monaco N.O.P., known for his astonishing consistency, has secured the second spot. Despite his numerous second-place finishes, his ability to come so close to victory time and again is a testament to his exceptional talent.

James Kann Cruz, the third highest-rated horse, is a beacon of hope for Irish show jumping. His journey from a promising talent to a top contender is a story of dedication and skill.

Hansson WL may not be as frequently seen on the circuit as his counterparts, but when he does appear, he makes a significant impact. His careful campaign strategy has earned him a spot among the best.

Beauville Z N.O.P., a horse that has consistently earned medals at major championships, rounds out the top five. His resilience and ability to perform under pressure are truly commendable.


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