Road to Paris: Who are the Irish Horses to Follow?

Take a peek at the current Top 10 Elo-rated horses in Ireland as we discuss their chances for a spot on the team at the upcoming Olympics.

By Charlotte Smet /

February 3, 2024

As the countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics begins, Ireland's equestrian team is poised for an unprecedented leap towards Olympic glory. With a deep history in equestrian sports and a recent streak of record-breaking performances, Ireland's show jumping squad is shaping up to be more thrilling than ever. Here are the Irish equestrian stars you need to watch as they gallop towards Paris 2024.

James Kann Cruz & Shane Sweetnam

Leading the charge as the highest-rated horse Ireland has had on their team since 2010, this duo is a testament to Ireland's relentless production system of both horses and riders.

Legacy & Daniel Coyle

With back-to-back World Cup victories, Legacy and Coyle are a formidable pair that exemplifies Ireland's competitive spirit. This combination is the current standout pair in form, with 4 podium places (of which 3 wins) in under 3 months.

Mila & Eoin McMahon

A relatively newly paired combination, Mila and McMahon are in a great support system and have already proven to be able to deal with the pressures that come with being at a major championship. 

Pacino Amiro & Bertram Allen

A combination with vast championship experience. They represented their home nation at the Tokyo Olympic Games and were on the team at the World Championships in Herning where Ireland got their ticket for Paris. 

Brooklyn Heights & Denis Lynch

While Denis Lynch & Brooklyn Heights represented their team at the last World Championships in Herning, Denis might be looking at his newly acquired mount, Cordial for a chance to compete in Paris. 

7i8 E6 Top 10 Elo Rated 160 Horses in Ireland

As these athletes prepare for the ultimate test of skill, teamwork, and determination at Paris 2024, the world watches in anticipation. Will Ireland's show jumping team clinch their first team medal in Olympic history? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the road to Paris is paved with hope.


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